Production of fast food cooking and herbal teas
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Let’s be acquainted!


“Healthy Food”, LLC is a structural subdivision of the “Dry Food” group of companies. 
The group of companies includes:
  • Peasant farm enterprise dedicated to vegetable production
  • Unit designed for drying of fruit and vegetable products
  • Laboratory specializing in elaboration of mixed recipes
  • Pre-packaging and packaging unit
  • “Kotelok” retail branded shopping unit located in Moscow (related to studying of the demand of end consumers).

Principle areas of activities of the “Healthy Food”, LLC include the following:

  • Elaboration of mixed recipes for fast meals. The elaboration is performed in our laboratory;
  • Production of finished goods performed in an equipped unit designed for production of food mixtures/ prepackaging and packaging of the produced goods;
  • Market promotion of the products and marketing support of retail distributors performed by qualified managers and marketing specialists.


While using modern technologies we preserve the important methods of processing and storage of products. Dried vegetables keep more than 85% of vitamins and beneficial substances.


The products offered by the “Healthy Food” LLC don’t contain taste enhancers, conserving agents, salt and other harmful additives

Extra fast

Fast product restorability: after 3-5 minutes in hot water the product becomes fresh, expanding 3-4 times and gaining 7 – 12 times larger weight.


Many of the competitors’ products contain only 2 – 4 grams of dried vegetables per pack, the rest part consists of salt additives. Every pack of vegetables supplied by our company contains 30 – 60 grams of net products while having the same price.


The products are very convenient to store: the products don’t get affected by temperatures (both high and low), they need a little space for storage and may be stored during a period of more than 1 year.


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