Production of fast food cooking and herbal teas
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Зибинская Нина
Зибинская Нина
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Dear partners! “Healthy Food”, LLC is glad to greet you!

We are happy to invite you to fruitful long-term cooperation in the sphere of promotion of a large range of products for healthy eating.

The products that we offer are certified, they passed a serious control and their quality is guaranteed. They are also characterized by attractive and competitive prices.


It is beneficial for you to cooperate with us:

- we recommend that the average trade increment for our products shall be 40 %!
- we provide active marketing support!
- we will ship the products to your warehouses as we cooperate with transportation companies that provide shipping to your region!
- the products doesn’t require special storage conditions. The storage life of the products is 12 months!
- you are not going to face expensive logistics as the products are light-weighted and packed in convenient packing materials!
- the products can be easily placed  in display areas as they are packed n show-boxes. We provide strip bands and branded stands! Photos attached.

Today the “Healthy food” area is on trend! The demand for the products is constantly growing as everyone wants to consume healthy products. Consumers look at the ingredients to see that they are 100% natural!

We are reliable suppliers of products. Cooperation with us is pleasant and mutually profitable due to attentive and individual approach to regular and target consumers.
Write or call us so we discuss the possible cooperation options and find the best solution!

Card sales on the territory of the Russian Federation

Карта продаж продукции на территории РФ

Our partners

Interaction diagram contractors

Дистрибьютор: Обеспечение стабильности поставок, своевременное формирование партий в соответствии с заявками; активная маркетинговая политика; обеспечение POS- материалами и торговым оборудованием.
ООО Здоровая Еда: Обеспечение представленности продукции ООО Здоровая Еда в регионе через все каналы сбыта, своевременная доставка по заказам клиентов, работа мерчендайзеров, направленная на поддержку продаж непосредственно в магазинах, активное участие в разработке и проведении маркетинговых мероприятий.
Ритейл: Совместно с дистрибьютором: Разработка и проведение различных маркетинговых программ по продвижению продукции и стимулированию спроса во всех каналах сбыта, анализ оборачиваемости, разработка мер по повышению оборачиваемости и доходности, совместная работа по совершенствованию дизайна упаковки и ассортимента продукции.

Diagram of distribution of goods in a shop

Диаграмма распределение товара в торговой точке